Canadian Developer Connection: Now Available in the Windows Store

During this month’s D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE (aired LIVE yesterday and now available on-demand), I had the pleasure of announcing that the Canadian Developer Connection Windows Store app is now available for download. I’m totally excited about the release of this app as we’ve taken all of the features from the original Canadian Developer Connection Windows Phone app, added in a few more, and then implemented many of the features that Windows 8 provides for creating amazing app experiences. Stay tuned for a tour underneath the hood of the app where we’ll explore the different Windows 8 specific features and how they were implemented.

In the meantime, download the app and play around with it!

Let me give you a tour around the app.

Screen shot 1

When you launch the app, you’ll see the Posts section. Here you’ll be able to read the recent posts from the Canadian Developer Connection blog. Tap or click on the post to read it.


If you like what you’re reading, don’t forget to open up the Charms bar, tap or click on Share, and share with your friends and colleagues. When you’re done, tap or click on the Back arrow to get back to the Posts list.

Screen shot 2

Back on the main screen, swipe to the left or use the scroll bar to navigate to the right. The next section is the Video On-Demand section where you can watch episodes from your favourite developer series, like D³: LIVE & Interactive, Canada Does Windows Azure, and others. Recordings of live events and workshops are also featured here. Tap or click on a series, event, or workshop to get the details and see episodes and sessions.

Screen shot 5

Now tap or click on an episode or session to watch.

Screen shot 6

Enjoy the show! As with Posts, if you like what you see, open the Charms bar, tap or click on Share, and Share the episode or session with your friends and colleagues. If you’d like to fully immerse yourself in the episode or session, tap or click on Full Screen. Better yet, if you have a device that supports PlayTo, tap or click on Play To to send the content over there. A viewing experience as you want it! When you’re done watching, tap or click on the Back arrow and if you don’t want to watch another episode or session, tap or click the Back arrow once more to get back to the main screen.

Screen shot 3

Swipe to the left or use the scrollbar at the bottom and you’ll see Upcoming Events. In one view you can see a few events that are coming up in the developer community across the country.

Screen shot 7

Tap or click on “Show all” to see all of the upcoming events. Every developer event, in-person or virtual, that Microsoft Canada has been made aware of or is hosting will be listed here (and here) (if you know of events that should be here, let us know – send an email to or send a tweet to @cdndevs). Tap or click on any of the events to see details. When you’re done, tap or click on the back arrow.

Screen shot 3

Now you can connect directly with the team here. Tap or click on any one of us to see what we’ve been up to on the Canadian Developer Connection. Swipe from the bottom or right mouse click on the screen to bring up the App Bar. Tap or click on how you’d like to connect with us. When you’re done, tap or click on the Back button.


Last but not least, there’s a set of resources that we thought you’d want to check out. We’ll make sure to update the list when new resources become available (if you stumble upon something that you think others would benefit from, let us know! Send an email to or send a tweet to @cdndevs).

That’s it… for NOW. There’s definitely many additional cool features to add, but they’re just on the roadmap for now. I truly hope that you enjoy the app and find it to be a valuable and engaging way to stay connected. As the app is a work in progress, we’d love to hear how we can make it better! Send us suggestions, requests, comments, bugs, etc.

That’s it for the tour! Go to the Windows Store and download the app. Enjoy!


Special thanks to the man that made the app possible, Sébastien Lachance!

Sébastien 1Sébastien Lachance is a software developer who specializes in Windows Store and Windows Phone app development. Sébastien works at Mirego, a company innovating in mobile development, bringing his Microsoft development expertise to the company.  When he’s not in front on a computer, he’s playing bridge (he’s even written an app for that), biking, and reading technical books.

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