The Developer Movement & Windows Azure

So you want to earn some extra points to get some sweet sweet cake? One easy way to do just that is to complete some hands on training labs from Windows Azure. Wait, you do know what The Developer Movement is right? Rewards, contests and all that jazz just for writing apps?

So back to that cake, the main way to earn points (to be used for rewards) is by developing an app for Windows 8 or Windows Phone; bonus points if either uses Windows Azure. But if you are not all up on Windows Azure yet then you’ll want to get some training, and you can earn points for that too!

It’s pretty easy (no seriously). Start by downloading the Windows Azure Training Kit. You can either download the entire training kit (that’s the first download option) which weighs in at over 320 MB and includes demos, presentations and over 40 hands on labs. If this is too much you can always download the Web Installer (second download option on the page) and select the exact hands on labs (or other material) you which to download. double fisting red bull and coffee to complete all the labs in record time with visions of points pouring like Champaign in a cheesy rap video, there is a small catch. You can only earn points for the following 6 labs (hey that’s still 3000 points, more than enough to get some cake). So which labs can you earn points for? Glad you asked, they are:

1. Exploring Windows Azure Storage (Labs\ExploringStorage)

2. Building a Social Game with Windows Azure (Labs\BuildingSocialGame)

3. Introduction to Building Windows Store Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services (Labs\Windows8AndMobileServices)

4. Connecting a PaaS application to an IaaS Application (Labs\WindowsAzureVMandWebRole)

5. Windows Azure Web Sites and Virtual Machines using ASP.NET and SQL Server (Labs\ASPNETAzureWebSitesVMSQL)

6. Web Services and Identity in Windows Azure (Labs\WebServiceAndIdentity)

Once you’ve completed a lab you’ll need your Windows Azure Subscription ID and a screenshot of the completed lab which you’ll upload in your dashboard (hint: click the link ‘Click here to submit your lab) to earn those point.

So what are you going to get with your points? Let me know on twitter @marc_gagne & use the hashtag #StartSomething

Comments (12)

  1. marko says:

    I signed up for the developer movement, and am working my way through the labs, but I have run into a couple issues. Where can I get some help with the labs? Are there any updates available, maybe some errata? Or perhaps a forum to discuss the labs? Any help you can provide woul be greatly appreciated

  2. Marc Gagné says:

    Hi Marko, what sort of help are you looking for? Are you running into a particular problem?

  3. David Rust-Smith says:

    I get stuck at the end of the first lab. The following command is not recognized: "VHDUPLOAD"

    VHDUPLOAD <vhdFilePath> mydrives/SamplePictures.vhd <accountName> <accountKey>

    I found csupload after some digging. Should I use that instead?

  4. Marc Gagné says:

    David, did you run Setup.cmd (with elevated privileges) as per the instructions in the Setup section of the hands on lab? If so you should find VHDUpload.exe in LabsExploringStorage-VS2012SourceAssetsVHDUpload. If you did run setup but the exe is not there, try loading the solution file in LabsExploringStorage-VS2012SourceAssetsVHDUploadSource and compiling it manually.

  5. David says:

    Thanks Marc!

    That was it.

    I had run setup.cmd before I switched to doing the VS2012 version, and then forgot to run it again.

  6. Jitin Dhillon says:

    Could you clarify the submissions for the Windows Azure Labs? What URL do we need to provide and what do we need to capture for the screenshot?


  7. JC says:


    I started doing the labs but I noticed that when I downloaded the kit, there are a couple of lab missing. Namely, BuildingSocialGame and WebServiceAndIdentity. Are those deprecated?

  8. Marc Gagné says:

    Hi JC, thanks for bringing this up. It does appear that those labs have been removed in the December refresh of the Windows Azure Training Kit. I'll look into this, in the interim you can download the missing labs here:



  9. says:

    I am stuck on the first (storage) lab. I am usning VS 2012 Express, so I ran Setup.cmd (as admin) on the VS 2012 folder for Exploring Tables, then tried to load the first lab exercise (Ex1-WorkingWithTables), starting at Begin.

    I keep receiving this error:


    This version of Visual Studio does not have the following project types installed or does not support them.


    VS show RDChat and RdChat_WebRole as incompatible.

    Any ideas?


  10. Tyler says:

    Hi Marc,

    In my dev movement dashboard all of the "Click here to submit your lab" links just direct me to this page ";

    How can I submit an Azure Lab?


  11. Marc Gagné says:

    @tyler When I mouse over that link I see the ALT/TITLE is (which is odd, and should be fixed) but when I click the link I see the form o submit the lab. Can you tell me what browser & version you are using?


  12. Sae Young Kim says:


    I submitted several apps to Developer Movement.

    Two of them are already been in "pending" state for 2 weeks.

    The website says to allow up to 7 days for approval.

    Do you know why it is taking so long?

    I am worried that my apps won't be approved before it ends. This will result in me not getting enough points for what I want.

    I emailed about this to developermovement a few days ago and didn't get any response.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

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