Get In on the Excitement: Windows 8 in NYC

As Paul mentioned in his post, welcome to Windows 8! New York City was the center of the excitement earlier today with the launch of Windows 8 and Surface and since most of us weren’t there to get in on the excitement, I figure the next best thing is to see how Times Square has been transformed.

Photo credit: Mario Coculuzzi

You can also watch a replay of the launch events by rewinding the below player to the 1:17:45 mark, while the feed is still live. The videos will be available on-demand at a later time as well (in case you find that the player is no longer working – the feed must have gone offline.).

Clearly, we’re excited! Are you excited?

Share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions in the Canadian Developer Connection group on LinkedIn through new discussions or maybe even a poll! 10 hours to go!

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