The Windows Store is open for business. Is your app ready?

The Windows Store has been open for roughly a month and Windows Store apps utilizing Microsoft’s Modern UI (and games, too!) have really started to flood in.  Those early entrance apps were built by publishers that saw an opportunity to build and publish a Windows Store app as quickly as possible so they were in the class of Windows 8 Launch Apps.  Will you be part of that class, too?

The opportunity really is there.  If you sign up for a Windows Store account today, you can literally submit a Windows Store app any time you want.  If you’ve been working on a Windows Store app, the time is now to sign up if you haven’t already and submit it to certification soon so you can be part of the Windows 8 launch class of apps.

So how do you sign up?  Simple:

  • If you have an MSDN Subscription, DreamSpark account (for students registered in select, accredited, post-secondary educational institutions) or BizSpark account (for startups), you can sign up for free 1 year membership.  Just go to your account dashboard and follow the instructions for getting your Windows Store membership activated.
  • If you do not have any of those subscriptions, you can sign up for a 1 year membership today for only CAD $49.

The Windows Store does present a great opportunity for you in a number of ways.  Whether you have a goal of generating revenue for your Windows Store apps or increasing the level of awareness of your coding prowess through the downloads of your apps, the Windows Store can certainly get there.  Windows 8 is a very important product for Microsoft and we want you to be a partner in that success!

If building Windows Store apps sounds appealing to you, here are your action items:

Happy App Building!

Comments (2)

  1. Jens says:

    No One will use Metro for Real business. St this Time.

  2. Paul Laberge says:

    Hi, Jens.

    I understand the sentiment but I absolutely believe there is a lot of value Windows Store apps using the Modern UI will have for LOB scenarios.  It's just a question of _what_ you are trying to build.  If you are building a very data entry-heavy app, chances are that the Modern UI look and feel is not the right answer.  If you are building an executive dashboard that is trying to aggregate information to a user, then the Modern UI is _great_ option for using in the implementation of the LOB app.

    The Modern UI is focused on providing information to a user.  As such, if your LOB solution space is in providing access to information, whether that is in a dashboard, organizational news and info or other types of apps, then you should seriously give some thought to a Windows Store app.

    I'm interested in hearing more about your thoughts on this!


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