The Cloud and The Whiteboard

October 3, 2012 | 12:00 PM ET | Add to Outlook >>

Some things are just better explained on a whiteboard. According to Windows Azure guru Cory Fowler, the Cloud is one of those things. Watch as he demystifies Windows Azure using nothing other than a whiteboard. Plus: Stay connected the rest of the afternoon and participate in the Windows Azure Virtual DevCamp.   Speaker Pics - Cory Fowler 

Cory Fowler
Cory Fowler is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist focused on PHP on Windows Azure. Before joining Microsoft, Cory referred to himself as a Developer as a Service and was one of the inaugural members of the Windows Azure group of Microsoft MVPs (not to mention the first Windows Azure MVP in Canada). Cory takes great pride in being both Canadian and a Ginger. You can find Cory on Twitter under the handle @SyntaxC4 or read up on Windows Azure and other insightful things on his blog,

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