Technology Post Roundup–4th Edition

In Canada, we’re fortunate to have many community experts and MVPs. Throughout the month, they write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover them and what they’re writing about. The team and I will be curating top picks and sharing them with you in frequent technology post round ups.

Windows 8

Windows Azure


  • Upgrading Your Project To jQuery 1.8.0 by James Chambers
    If you are using jQuery UI on your project and you update jQuery to 1.8.0 you’ll also want to grab the latest bits of jQuery UI (which is, at the time of this post, sitting at 1.8.23).  This is an important maintenance release, particularly if you’re using any jQuery UI components that make use of position.

.NET Programming


SQL Server and Business Intelligence

  • What's New with SQL Server 2012 by Bruce Johnson
    Like any newly released version of software, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 brings a host of significant changes to Microsoft’s enterprise data platform.
  • SSIS 2012 item with same key as already been added error by Christian Cote
    Learn how to convert existing SSIS solutions to project deployment models without receiving an error that an item with the same key has already been added.
  • When I Use Nested Joins by Michael J. Swart
    A simple explanation of SQL right vs. left joins and inner vs. outer joins.


Of Interest

  • Ignoring a File That You Have Already Started Tracking in Git by James Chambers
    The key to Lego block is the simple and consistent interface. Doesn’t matter what the shape of the block is, the fact that every block has the same interface allows them to be connected. And it is through the various connections that a much bigger whole can be created.

If you’ve come across a great technology post and think we should share it, please let us know by sharing the post in the Canadian Developer Connection LinkedIn group. Make sure to share how the post helped you get something done. I’m sure your fellow developers would appreciate the insights.

Until next edition!

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