Go The Extra “Cloud”- Windows Azure Virtual, LIVE, and Interactive

Workshop #1 Cloud VariationsI love it when the team finishes up a tour (in this case the recent Windows Azure DevCamp) and come back only to find out that you want to go the extra mile – you want to learn even more about Windows Azure. Music to my ears!

Since that is the case, I’m happy to announce that on October 3, we’ll be hosting a Windows Azure DevCamp, right here, online! All the details you need are on the registration page. Check it out and register today >>

The learning doesn’t end on October 3. In fact, the Windows Azure DevCamp is just the beginning. Continue your learning by attending one, two, or all of the below virtual workshops. Each of the workshops dives deeper into specific areas of the Windows Azure platform and explores different aspects and usage scenarios of the platform.


  Cloud Variations

Explore Windows Azure’s infrastructure options – Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, and Websites. Through comparing and contrasting the options, you will walk away from the workshop better equipped to choose the right option for different solutions.

  • The Complete Windows Azure Platform
  • Windows Azure Cloud Services (PaaS)
  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS)
  • Windows Azure Websites
  • Building Apps with IaaS and PaaS
  • * as a Service

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  Building Connected Apps with Windows Azure

Discover how the various Windows Azure services can be integrated into apps to extend their functionality. You will learn how to address common needs such as computing capabilities, storage, authentication, and more. To demonstrate concepts, this workshop focuses on Windows 8 and Windows Phone, though concepts can be applied to any platform including Android and iOS.

  • Building Device and Cloud Applications
  • Building Connected Applications
  • Bringing Together App Experiences

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  Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Explore approaches to migrating applications, walk through concerns and considerations to take into account while planning a migration, and learn how to implement a migration plan to move applications from on-premises (or traditional hosting) to Windows Azure.

  • Migrating Applications to Windows Azure
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud with IaaS
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud with PaaS
  • Combining IaaS and PaaS

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All three of the above virtual workshops are delivered LIVE, so tune in, ask questions and I, as well as the guest experts, will make sure that you get them answered!

Then Apply What You’ve Learned

As with all of our workshops, you’ll have specific hands-on labs that you can do to take what you’ve learned and make sure that you know it. In order to participate in the hands-on labs, you’ll want to ensure that you have the following three things:

  • Windows Azure Subscription - If you don’t already have a Windows Azure subscription, you can either a) activate a 90-day trial, b) if you have an MSDN subscription, you can activate your Windows Azure MSDN benefits, or c) you can activate your Windows Azure benefits from one of the following programs: BizSpark, WebsiteSpark, and MPN.
  • Windows Azure Training Kit - The Windows Azure Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content that are designed to help you learn how to use the latest Windows Azure features and services. The Virtual DevCamp and the workshops will make use of this training kit. Download >>
  • Windows Azure Tools - You can build applications for Windows Azure using any language, tool or framework. Download the tools for your language >>

If you have an application that you’re already working on, you can use what you’ve learned and apply the knowledge there instead of doing the hands-on labs. We can answer those questions as well (as long as you don’t ask us to debug your app, because we won’t be able to do that given the relatively short amount of time we have for the workshop itself!).

Long Story Short

All in all, lots of opportunities to get yourself in the Cloud – whether you’re working on a new application, looking to migrate an existing application, or just want to see what you can do with Windows Azure.

Make sure to register as soon as possible to ensure that you get all of the details you’ll need to tune in and participate.

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