Technology Post Roundup – 2nd Edition

As you read in Paul’s blog post Why we love our MVPs, Microsoft MVPs write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover MVPs and what they’re writing about. The team and I will be curating top picks and sharing them with you in a frequent technology post round ups.


Windows Azure

  • Cloning Windows Azure Virtual Machines by Shan McArthur
    You’ve built a development environment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 using Windows Azure Virtual Machine technology. Now, how do you clone it? Here are step-by-step instructions to ensure your virtual machine is backed up properly.

.NET Language and Tools




If you’ve come across a great technology post and think we should share it, please let us know by sharing the post in the Canadian Developer Connection LinkedIn group. Make sure to share how the post helped you get something done. I’m sure your fellow developers would appreciate the insights.

Until next edition!

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