The #surlybeaver is back. With a vengeance.

Those of you that follow this blog may have seen a post about our HTML5 Coat of Arms and how we gave away a large number of t-shirts with the emblem on the front.

If you didn’t see that post, basically we took the HTML5 logo and created a uniquely Canadian version (which was possible as the image is creative commons) and made it into our Canadian HTML5 Coat of Arms as creative commons as well, so feel free to download it (PNG, SVG) and even modify it as you see fit! 

The Canadian HTML5 Coat of Arms was designed to inspire and excite the Canadian developer community around the usage of HTML5. The central logo and secondary technology class logos, which are imbedded within the shield, are available through a creative commons license by the World Wide Web Consortium and can be found on the group website here.

Now, many developers across Canada (and around the world, for that matter!) where proudly, either as a shirt or a sticker.  Sadly, we ran out of those shirts (they were extremely popular!) but the great news is they are back!  If you are attending great Canadian developer conferences over the next year (such as our very own Windows 8 Camps, Microsoft-affiliated user groups and 3rd party conferences sponsored by Microsoft such as DevTeach, PrairieDevCon and SDEC to name a few), you might just be lucky enough to get a shirt as we have a whole new batch of these gems!

So if you get (or already have) one of these shirts, wear the #surlybeaver  proudly.  It has heritage and chops that scream out “I’m a Canadian Developer.  And my shirt is better than your shirt.” 

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