Tour Around the New Team Explorer with Dave Lloyd

Microsoft listened to user feedback and have overhauled the Team Explorer in Team Foundation Server 2012. What used to be a view into the data on your TFS server is now a responsive productivity tool for the developer. Dave Lloyd, ALM MVP, shows you how the Team Explorer morphs and changes into what you need when you need it in this TechDays TV session.


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Dave Lloyd

Dave Lloyd

Dave Lloyd is a founding partner of ObjectSharp. He has 25+ years of experience in the IT industry designing and building software solutions for a large number of clients in varying industries. Dave is a seasoned project manager with a great deal of experience implementing process into development teams, from small and large ISV’s to in house development teams. Because of Dave's experience in the many roles of a software development team it's only natural that he would gravitate toward Team Foundation Server and the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) world. A lot of Dave's assignments involve helping teams with their development process and to better utilize Team Foundation Server to enhance their Software Development Lifecycle. Dave has received the Microsoft MVP award for ALM. (Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn)

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