Windows Azure Websites, Virtual Machines, and More


Last Wednesday, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting the Windows Azure June 2012 Preview Canadian launch event here in Toronto. Windows Azure Experts from Microsoft HQ James Conard (@jamescon) and Cory Fowler (@SyntaxC4) were on-hand to walk developers, architects, and IT pros through all of the new Windows Azure features like Windows Azure Websites, Windows Azure Virtual Machines, and revisit some of the other Windows Azure services that have been updated with the June 2012 release.

The content from the event is now available on-demand on Channel 9 for you to check out.

If you’ve looked at or worked with Windows Azure before, take this opportunity to take another look. It’s not the same platform anymore. If you’ve never peeked at Windows Azure, now is an exciting time to do so.


  Getting Started with Windows Azure June 2012 Preview

In this first session you will learn how to quickly get started building cloud applications using several of the exciting new Windows Azure features and services provided with the June 2012 preview. You will see a parade of demos showing how these new services can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Tags: Azure Websites, Windows Azure, Azure Virtual Machines



  Windows Azure Websites

Windows Azure Web Sites is a simple, yet powerful platform for web applications in the cloud. In this session you will see how you can build and deploy everything from WordPress blogs to high scale web applications using your favourite languages, frameworks and tools.

Tags: Azure Websites, Windows Azure


  Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Windows Azure provides a simple and flexible model for migrating and extending applications through direct access to Virtual Machines. In this session you will learn how to provision and customize Windows Azure Virtual Machines and configure Virtual Network connectivity to migrate, build and connect.

Tags: Azure Virtual Machines



  Windows Azure Storage, Databases, and Service Bus

Every application needs to store and manage data. In this session you'll get a firsthand look at the complete set of scalable and highly available data services including Windows Azure Storage and SQL Databases. You'll see how you can effectively use these services to build, migrate and extend data.

Tags: Blob Storage, SQL Database, Data,Table Storage, Service Bus, SQL Federations

For Start-Ups

Christian Beauclair was at the event as well, talking to several developers from start-ups about the benefits of the Microsoft BizSpark program, the Windows Azure benefits that come with BizSpark membership, and the current requirement efforts for the Microsoft Windows Azure Accelerator program. Watch Christian’s BizSpark lightening talk >>

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank the Windows Azure Community Experts that were on-hand and online to answer questions and help out – Bruce Johnson (ON), Mariusz Kolodziej (ON), Tyler Doerksen (MB), and Wouter van Eck (AB), If you’re looking for great Windows Azure connections in the community, connect with them and go from there.

Questions and Comments

We definitely covered a lot of ground at the DevCamp. Whether you watched the DevCamp on-demand, or you were able to make it out in-person, I’m sure you have some commentary to share or questions to ask. Bring it on!

Join me, Bruce, Mariusz, Tyler, Wouter, and others in the Canadian Developer Connection group on LinkedIn and share.

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