TechDays TV Live Today: CLD280 – Lessons Learned From Building a Digital Asset Management System in the Cloud

June 19, 2012 | Starting at 12:00 PM ET

In today’s TechDays TV session, Jean Lozano from MediaValet discusses various development strategies that he and his team learned while ramping up development on Windows Azure. You’ll learn the lessons they learned from various cloud-related challenges faced during development and from an application support/maintenance perspective. This presentation will focus on insights acquired from architecting, building and maintaining a business application on Windows Azure over the last two years, using examples from MediaValet, a multi-tenant digital asset management system that was designed and developed from the ground up on Windows Azure.

Don’t forget – this session is LIVE and INTERACTIVE, bringing the TechDays experience online. Ask questions and get them answered as if Jean and I were right there in the room with you! If you’re not able to tune in, the session will be available on-demand after the live show. Make sure you connect with us using the social networks below to get the updates of when the sessions are available on-demand.

Watch and chat LIVE with Jean and I below

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