Hack Your Art Out–Windows 8 Hackathons

“Art” in this case referring to the masterpieces you’re going to be writing for Windows 8 – Metro-style apps! Sometimes an artist needs company in order to create their masterpieces. Now I’m not sure what those are called in the Painter’s world, but in the developer world, those are what we admirably call “hackathons” and there’s a few of them coming to help get your Metro juices flowing!

Each Windows 8 hackathon is a one-day, low-key, informal day of coding and testing (a few Windows 8 touch devices will be on hand for testing), starting off with introductions and then quickly going into “hack mode” working away on your app. At the end of the day, you’ll show off your app (it’s ok if you don’t finish everything!) and then find out how to get your app into the Windows Store.

Please note that attendees of a Windows 8 Hackathon will be given priority for registration to the Windows 8 Application Excellence Labs. You will need to attend an Application Excellence Lab in order for your Windows 8 Metro Style app to be one of the first from Canada in the Windows Store!


Toronto – May 11
Montreal – May 24
Vancouver – June 4

Registration is free, but space is limited. Register today.

What Do I need to bring?

A Metro Style Application Idea
If you haven’t already started coding your app, please come prepared with at least one idea for a Windows 8 Metro Style application. Take full advantage of the experts that will be on hand!

Any device capable of running Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio Express. We recommend that you install the necessary software prior to the hackathon. If it is not already installed, you will need a partition with ~30 GB of free space to install the bits.


Need more info on one of the hackathons? Have a question? Let us know.  If you’re building a Windows 8 application, make sure to also let us know so we can see how we can help!

Original photo by Lachlan Hardy

Comments (2)

  1. erik@starfighters-now.net says:

    Any plans for a Hackaton in Ottawa?

  2. Tommy Lee says:

    Hi CadErik, we don't have one planned right now, but if we expand our cities or we find someone willing to host one, Ottawa should be next on the list!

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