The Cloud Is Strong In This One

You always here people say that what you wear says something about you – which of course is why developers love getting geeky t-shirts at events and workshops. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a whole collection of them from which I strategically pick t-shirts to wear depending on where I’m going and with whom I may potentially chat. Such a great conversation starter or statement maker, don’t you think? (unless of course it makes you uncomfortable that people are checking you out…).

Anyway, here’s an opportunity to add one more to your collection. Unlike others though, this one actually makes a bold statement about you, which is why I absolutely love it.


To understand why, first, a bit of background.

Background on the Windows Azure Developer Movement
In March’s episode of D³: LIVE & INTERACTIVE, I announced that the Developer Movement has expanded, inviting developers to join the movement and to check out and build apps using Windows Azure. If you missed the announcement, you can watch it on-demand, but in a nutshell – the developer movement is all about developers coming together to build awesome applications on Windows Azure and/or Windows Phone. With the Windows Azure movement, you can enjoy rewards as follows:

  • The Cloud Is Strong In This One Collectors T-Shirt - Check out the platform by giving it a try. Deploy a hands-on lab, send us your screenshot, and the t-shirt is yours.
  • $20 gift certificate to – Build an app (or maybe a proof of concept, demo project, hands-on lab, etc) using one Windows Azure service, and geek out at
  • Additional $15 gift certificate to – Take your initial app and add another Windows service (a database to a website? more instances?) and get an additional $15 with which to geek out.
  • The ultimate – Additional $50 gift certificate to – Add a third service and enjoy even more goodies.

That’s a total of $85 with which to geek out just by using Windows Azure services in your application!

Making the statement

If what you wear is going to make a statement about you, wearing this shirt should make you proud! First it tells people that you took that step, invested the time to learn something new, and you actually started something. But you didn’t just start anything, you started working with the platform that will take whatever you’re building or your career to the next level. If you’re building an app for yourself (perhaps your start-up) or your company, using Windows Azure will allow your app to scale to heights that could not be explored before (I mean that! It’s not just marketing fluff!). If you’re using this opportunity to build your skills and grow your career, getting up to speed on Cloud Computing and Windows Azure will propel you to the front of the lines to take advantage of the job opportunities out there with companies looking for developers with cloud skills.

Regardless of your reasons, the t-shirt makes the statement about you.


With rewards like the t-shirt and up to $85 in goodies, how can you say no? Join the Developer Movement (it’s free), deploy the lab, and wear the t-shirt proudly! (Make sure you check out the full contest rules on the Developer Movement site for the nitty-gritty details.)

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  1. Andy Ball says:

    Cool shirt , i want one . I match the criteria apart from the minor Canadian resident bit 😉 . Share some love with your British cousins !

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