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microsoftteam022gYou may already know these fine folks. If you don’t, let me take this opportunity to introduce to you the people (there are a couple of folks that aren’t in the picture – they weren’t able to make it on that day) that bring you the online and offline developer programs that you see from Microsoft Canada throughout the year. We are a team of evangelists and marketers that, together, are on a mission to show you what’s possible with Microsoft technologies, helping you build new skills and helping you grow your career in the process.

There are always a million and one things going on at any given time, but I thought that I would pick out a few of the ongoing ones that hopefully you know about and are taking advantage of:

  • Canadian Developer Connection Blog
    If you’re reading this, you know about the blog! Your place to find posts on upcoming events, advice, career tips and tricks, etc.
  • Canadian Developer Connection on LinkedIn
    A place for Canadian developers to connect, network, and learn in an effort to grow and be successful in their careers. With over 4,600 like-minded developers such as yourself supporting the group, it’s a great place for having informative discussions, asking questions, and getting answers. If you’re not a member of the group yet, I’d like invite you to join the group, participate in  discussions, and start some of your own.
    A monthly show for developers featuring the latest updates on what’s new and exciting; presentations (technical and career); and LIVE experts. It is a forum for you to connect with experts, ask questions, and share your thoughts and opinions.
  • TechDays Online
    Your gateway to technical training sessions, hands-on labs, featured articles, and much more, including TechDays TV – an online TechDays experience with new sessions and LIVE Q&A every other week.
  • Developer Movement
    Your access to rewards simply for building apps for Windows Phone or simply for trying out and/or building applications for Windows Azure.

Here are some offline events to take advantage of as well:

So why do I bring all of this up? While we think that all of this is good stuff, I’d like you to tell me truth – in your opinion, are we delivering on the mission above? Are we helping you tap into innovation? Bringing you quality resources? Make it easy for you to use the Microsoft platform?  

What’s important is that you feel that we are. Take a second to check some of the discussions that are happening right now in the LinkedIn group. I’d really appreciate it if you would share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.

Don’t feel limited to just these discussions. If there’s something you’d like to share, by all means, please start a new discussion!

Last but not least, feedback should be an ongoing process. Don’t wait for an invitation like this to send me feedback. If you have thoughts, suggestions, concerns, etc, just let me know, either by email or by starting a new discussion in the LinkedIn group so that others can comment as well.

Thanks in advance for taking the time. It means a lot to me, as well as the rest of the team.

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