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Some learn by listening – so they go to conferences, meetups, or watch sessions online (like TechDays Online). Others learn by doing. For those folks, there are great online hands-on labs that can be done, like those on TechDays Online (did you know TechDays Online had hands-on labs that you can complete without downloading anything to your computer?!) and offline workshops that they can attend. But here are things that differentiate application workshops from online hands-on labs: your ideas and on-hand experts.

Your Ideas

Rather than working on pre-created hands-on labs, why not work on that app idea that you’ve had in your mind for sometime but have either not had the time to start or have started but got stuck and needed help? Application workshops are about making your app idea come to life, whether it is starting from scratch, or helping you remove the obstacles that prevented you from completing your app.

On-hand Experts

Take the opportunity to pick the brains of experts who work with the various technologies featured in the workshop every day. Rather than searching the Internet for how to do things or posting questions to forums to get advice, you can get both in one shot simply by asking the experts present at the workshop you choose to attend.

Two Flavours: Web or Mobile

There are two flavours of workshops that are travelling throughout Canada at the moment. The Web+Cloud workshop focuses on showing you how to use the latest in web technologies to deliver rich experiences to your users and then how to take those experiences to the next level by leveraging the Cloud. The Mobile+Cloud workshop focuses on designing and building mobile applications with Cloud backends and how to make them successful in a competitive application marketplace.

Both workshops follow the same format:

  • 90 minute presentation on either Web or Mobile
  • 60 minute presentation on Cloud as it relates to Web or Mobile
  • 4-5 hours of designing, developing, and testing applications as well as expert one on one consultation

NOTE: Timing will vary depending on the user group hosting the event. See official agendas on the registration pages.

Upcoming Application Workshops

The following are upcoming application workshops in cities near you. Take a time out, register for, and attend one of these workshops.

Web+Cloud Workshops

Winnipeg .NET User Group
March 31, Register >>

Edmonton .NET User Group
April 28, Register >>

Mobile+Cloud Workshop

Fredericton Developer User Group
April 14, Register >>

Vancouver TechFest
April 28, Register >>

Don’t Have An App Idea?

If you don’t have an app idea right now, that’s OK. Register and attend the workshop regardless – you might just think of one while you’re there!

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