Technology Post Roundup – 1st Edition

imageAs you read in Paul’s blog post Why we love our MVPs, Microsoft MVPs write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover MVPs and what they’re writing about. So, moving forward, I’ll be curating top picks and sharing them with you in a monthly technology post round up.

It’s been a bit busy for the team these last couple of weeks with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview coming out, as well as Visual Studio 11 Beta (have you downloaded both of them? If not, what are you waiting for?!), so February’s round up is a bit late and a bit light, but better late than never, right? Ok, no more excuses – here’s February’s technology post round up.




Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Test

There’s more to come at the end of the month for March!

In the meantime, if you come across an article by a Canadian MVP that has helped you in anyway, send it my way at and let me know! If you’re the Twitter type, tweet the URL to @cdndevs. Of course, if you’re the LinkedIn type, start a discussion about it in the Canadian Developer Connection LinkedIn group. I’d love to hear from you and share the post on your behalf.

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