A Cornucopia of Windows 8 Goodness

When I think back 10 years ago, I remember where the primary information about a new technology was the help file, tech magazines, and an occasional book from a bookstore. I know you youngsters are shocked right now!

Fortunately today, we have an abundance of information that is available in a timely basis. For example, just this week we announced the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and there is a lot of great content available ranging from getting a simple overview to diving deep into the technical details.

Let’s take a look at some great resources that have been put together for the Consumer Preview of Windows 8.


Your first stop should be the announcement of the Consumer Preview for Windows 8 which provides a great overview.

Next, take a look at the Windows 8 Developer guide for an in-depth look at powerful new options for developers and keep an eye on the new Windows App Developer Blog where developers, testers, and program managers from the Windows development team will be posting regularly.

Windows 8 App Developer Blog

Now that you are familiar with Windows 8, you must go download it! If you are wondering if your PC is capable of running Windows 8, you can check out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview System Recommendations.

Once you’re running the Consumer Preview, download the free Visual Studio 11 Express Beta to get started building Metro style apps.  The Windows Dev Center provides you with free developer and design tools, code samples, technical docs, and expert help from the community so you can go from getting started on your apps to delivering it, worldwide, with the Windows Store.

Windows 8 Dev Center 

For those of you who are design or UX-inclined, we have a section in the Windows Dev Center where you will find good UX information for building Metro style apps and even Photoshop assets you can download!


Keep an eye on this blog, soon we will be announcing Windows 8 Camps across Canada that you can attend in-person for free to help you build a Windows 8 Metro-style app! If you are interested in keeping up on all things Windows 8, HTML5, Design and apps, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

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