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Not too long ago, in my post Because There’s Always More To Learn…, I introduced TechDays TV – the bi-weekly online show where we’ll be bringing you fresh new sessions exclusively created for TechDays TV by Canadian and international experts. The show will be presented live and will be interactive, meaning that as you’re watching, if you have questions for the expert, you’ll be able to type them into the chat or on Twitter (using the #techdays_ca hashtag) and you’ll get them answered – right then and there! So mark your calendars and tune in!

Of course, if you can’t make it to the live session, don’t worry. The sessions will be available on-demand on TechDays Online shortly after the live presentation. If you have questions, you’ll still be able to get them answered! Just post them as a new discussions in the Canadian Developer Connection group on LinkedIn. The experts featured on TechDays TV are members of the group and will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Towards the end of each month, I’ll share with you what’s coming up on TechDays TV in the next month. So without further delay, here’s what coming up on TechDays TV:


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ARC380 - Securing ASP.NET Applications
Manu Cohen-Yashar

In this session we discuss a range of security topics relevant for .NET applications including: what is application security, security design and the SDL, identity Management, role-based security and claim based identity, cryptography, secure communication, and input validation. By the end of this session, you will understand that .NET provides the tools and technologies to implement mitigations for threats identified during the security design.


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DEV280 – Layout in the Time of CSS3 with Internet Explorer 10           
Thomas Lewis               

Today in web layout there is a pull between what is practical, what we want, and what works. We are barraged with a variety of layout technologies in CSS3 including Grid Alignment, Media Queries, Multi-column, Positioned Floats, "Flexbox" and more. We are excited by all the opportunities but what are our options and how does this all come together especially in a world of various devices and browser support? This session will discuss the various alternatives as well as how to think about how they can work together to build a flexible and simple layout.


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WIN281 – Everything Web Developers Must Know to Build Metro Style Apps
Thomas Lewis
You’ll have to attend to find out more. See you then.
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