D³ Special Edition: Directions of IT – The Developer Opportunity

BlogPictureOn this D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE special, the crew travels to the East of Toronto .NET User Group in Pickering, ON for a special presentation by Gladstone Grant, VP Developer & Platform Group at Microsoft Canada (my boss’ boss) (LinkedIn, Twitter). Gladstone talks about Microsoft’s overall technology direction and the opportunity it provides developers to be successful and to help their customers be successful.

Those present had the opportunity to ask Gladstone questions that were top of mind for them. As you’re watching the special, make note of questions that you would want to ask Gladstone. Post your questions on LinkedIn and then tune in on February 1st at 12:00 PM ET to D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE. Gladstone will be on the show to answer your questions.

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The Developer Opportunity

Gladstone takes you through the full tour of opportunities you have as a developer on the Microsoft platform, but here’s a a summary:

The Developer Opportunity

Gladstone Grant

Software is an “innovate or die” business. It’s the kind of business that attracts restless, positive people like Gladstone Grant. As VP of Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Group, Gladstone has the enviable job of being focused on the future, on what’s next, on the things most of us haven’t even dreamt of yet. After nearly 20 years in the technology industry and more than 12 years with Microsoft Canada, Gladstone’s passion for technology, for learning, for new challenges and for competition are stronger than ever. When Gladstone turns his attention to the present, rather than the future, he indulges his passions for sport and home renovation.

East of Toronto .NET User Group

The mission of the East of Toronto .NET Users Group is to provide advanced, interesting information about the Microsoft .NET Framework. It serves the need of developers to receive the best .NET programming information, and fill their desire to be informed about developments of revolutionary importance as early as possible. The group serves the needs of programmers who are currently working with or interested in the .NET platform.

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Special thanks to Gladstone and the East of Toronto .NET User Group for inviting D³ and allowing us to share this special with developers nationwide.

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