Keeping up with the Web Standards

Recently Microsoft sponsored an event on campus with the W3C which included practical talks around standards and HTML5 topics. This included speakers from the W3C, Google, Opera, influencers and our own Rey Bango and Giorgio Sardo. Good for everyone is that all the sessions were recorded for your viewing pleasure.


Do you think Microsoft gets Web Standards? Do you think the web standards process is broke? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. cron22 says:

    It is certainly hard to say since I'm no expert in that field, but from the experience of being blind and using a screen reader to navigate through your web-based sites, I find things mostly good except for a few things. Your online courses could use some work, that's for sure.  You have completely inaccessible players for your audio content, yet you build accessibility features into Silverlight technology.  I wanted to take some of your online classes for certification and training last summer, but was unable to due to this very issue.  I also had a talk over email with the dreamspark staff letting them know that their site needs work as well, since it does not give screen readers a view of the entire pages of the site and everything on it.  They said something about how they are rebuilding the site after I flagged them on the issue.  

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