The Developer Movement has started.

Microsoft Canada has launched the follow-up campaign to the Mango App Challenge, the Developer Movement.  Like the Mango App Challenge, the Developer Movement is a contest for you as a developer to build great apps and get great rewards as a result, but it’s more than that.  It’s more than Windows Phone.  It’s more than Azure.  More than apps on their own.  It’s a call to action for you as a developer to stand up and be counted.  It’s time to #StartSomething.

76x76_Start_Something_ENThe Developer Movement is a new campaign that is aimed at app developers, initially those that are interested in building and publishing Windows Phone 7.5 apps.  It will continue to grow and be a resource for you to excel in your craft, or learn new skills that help you keep fresh and relevant in a fast-paced IT world.

You can start today by signing up.  If you are among the first 200 to sign up and don’t already have an App Hub membership to publish Windows Phone apps, then you have the opportunity to get a full year membership free.  It doesn’t end there, though – as you build and publish one app, you can choose from a list of prizes.  Publish your second app and get your choice of even better prizes.  Publish your third app and you have a chance to have one of your apps be showcased and marketed on some high-profile Microsoft sites.

So, how does that sound?  Think you have what it takes to learn how to build Windows Phone apps (hint:  it’s not that hard; you can get started here).  All it takes is a click.  It’s time to #startsomething.

Comments (2)

  1. Bob says:


    how are the prizes being distributed? I submitted an app about a month ago and I haven't gotten any news since.



  2. Paul Laberge says:

    Hi, Bob.  First off, thanks for entering the contest!  

    We are in the process of contacting those who have qualified for prizes starting this past week, so hopefully you will be hearing back very soon.


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