On the Next Developers, Developers, Developers: LIVE & INTERACTiVE (Rescheduled)

Live shows are always a tricky thing. On the one hand, they are great as they allow you to interact with the show, ask questions, give your opinions, etc. On the other hand, they are trickier from a technical perspective and many things can go wrong, as was the case last Wednesday when this episode was originally scheduled to air. Having said that, all is well now and we’re good to go.

This Thursday, December 15, join me for the latest developer news, developer events happening around the country, and then a great discussion around web development with guests Thomas Lewis (@TommyLee) and Frédéric Harper (@fharper).


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See the post-TechDays Vancouver interview with Scott Hanselman (@shanselman), discussing the answers to the questions you had about “the Web Stack of Love”. Web experts Thomas Lewis (@TommyLee) and Frédéric Harper (@fharper) stop by and chime in with their thoughts and opinions. Plus: ask them any questions you might have around web development that weren’t covered in the interview or that you thought of during the interview and get the answers. All LIVE and INTERACTIVE.

Guest Experts
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