Learn Windows Azure Through Code

imageDepending on how you go about learning or finding solutions to problems you encounter, books, presentations, and online articles/blogs may not do it for you. Another way to learn is through code samples - snippets of specific functionality or even full applications that you can step through. Luckily, the Windows Azure Code Gallery has both!

With the Windows Azure Code Gallery, you can filter code samples based on language, affiliation, technology, and other keyword data to quickly and effortlessly find the code that you’re looking for. To help you further zoom in on the right sample, each sample has a user rating, the number of times the sample has been downloaded, and the last date the sample was modified. Once you've found the sample, you can browse the code before downloading it and even ask the sample author questions through the Q and A feature.

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IMPORTANT: If the sample helped you, make sure to rate it so that others know that it was useful. If you’re into social networking, make sure to use the Twitter, Del.icio.us, Digg, and Facebook Share buttons to let those in your networks know of the sample and how it helped you.

Submit Your Own Samples

The success and growth of the Windows Azure Code Gallery is dependant on the developer community. The gallery enables members of the community to submit code samples to be included in the Windows Azure Code Gallery. As you search through various online resources while learning and/or developing your Windows Azure solutions, if you come across something that you think would be good as a learning tool or perhaps something that would save fellow developers time, upload the sample to the gallery. The more samples there are in the gallery, the more centralized knowledge there will be and the easier it will be to find help when building Windows Azure solutions.

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