Migrating and Deploying a Simple Cloud App

Deploying a Simple Application

Many of you have now attended our first wave of local events where we show you how to deploy a simple application to Windows Azure. I hope that you enjoyed the events and that they were of value. If you haven’t been to a one of these in your community, there is another wave coming soon, so stay tuned here as well as to your local user groups. 

As feedback from those events, you told us that it would be great to have the step by step written instructions so that you can follow at your own pace. So here they are! In the next few posts, I’ll go through all of the same steps, add some additional commentary, as well as some resource links that you can check out as supplemental reading.


Before we get started with the real work, you’ll need to download some files that we’ll use throughout this walkthrough.  Go ahead and download the following:

Let’s deploy

If at any time during your walkthrough you have any questions or are having trouble, feel free to send me an email (cdnazure@microsoft.com). I’ll be more than happy to help.

Please take a moment to share what you thought of the walkthrough, what you’ve learned, and what next steps you’ll take on your journey to the Cloud in this LinkedIn Cloud Development group discussion. I’ll be reading through your responses and taking your feedback as input for next walkthrough and series of events that we’ll do together. We’ll go deeper into Windows Azure concepts and explore further the Visual Studio Windows Azure tooling experience.

I’d also like to thank Barry Gervin and Cory Fowler from ObjectSharp for all of their help in putting together the content and hosting the live events.

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