More Books on Windows Phone 7 [Great Canadian Apportunity]


In addition to the free books on Windows Phone 7 development that I told you about, there are a number of books you can buy in either ebook or paper form. I’ve got them list over at the Great Canadian Apportunity blog.

What is the Great Canadian Apportunity?

great canadian apportunityThe Great Canadian Apportunity is a competition where we challenge developers in Canada to write the best Windows Phone 7 app. We’re offering prizes for the top apps, including a CAD$10,000 cash grand prize (USD$10,156 as I write this), a trip to the Mesh Conference and hardware such as a Dell laptop and Xboxes and Kinects. If you’ve been putting off writing an app, stop now and start developing!

Participating in the competition is simple:

  1. First, register for the Great Canadian Apportunity. This is where you submit app or game ideas for approval – your idea will be reviewed, and if approved, your competition profile page will go live. (If you want to keep your app idea private until your app is released, you have the option to do that.)
  2. Develop your app and submit it to Marketplace. Get the development tools, build that app, make it available!
  3. Activate your app in the Great Canadian Apportunity. Once you’ve submitted your app to Makretplace, fill out the app activation form and your app will be entered in the competition!

You can find the full competition details on the Great Canadian Apportunity site.

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