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Earlier today, fellow Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Michael Kordahi (@delic8genius) and friends, Jordan Knight and Tatham Oddie unveiled, a link-blog dedicated to client-side web awesome-ness:


Although I can’t claim that the site was my idea, that won’t stop me from wishing that it was. Michael’s motivation for the site is clear:

I keep coming across [lots] of stuff around next (and current) generation web technologies that I find useful and cool. You know, HTML5, SVG, Silverlight, Flash etc.

So, I decided to put together a little linkblog of sorts as a holding place that others can benefit from.

Michael’s right; there is a truckload of amazing client-side web technologies being pushed to the limit. It really boggles the mind when you start looking around at what’s being done. I mean, consider some of the incredible JavaScript libraries out there. Recently, I’ve been playing around with Raphaël, EaselJS, Head JS, and Modernizr - just to name a few. The worst part is keeping track of them all; it can be a total nightmare. Even as an avid Pinboard user, I still haven’t seen everything there is to see (even though I’ve tried pretty damn hard). That’s why I’m happy to see sites Definitely worth checking out!

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