A full day of training on TFS – In Ottawa and For Free


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Come and learn from 3 of the leading Canadian experts on development best practices about how TFS can help you manage your entire Application Life Cycle. Using little vignette focused around different challenges or goals, they will cover various aspect of VS 2010 and TFS 2010. This full day event is free and brought to you by DevTeach, Microsoft, Pixys and Fujitsu. For more details visit DevTeach web site.

The agenda for the day looks like this:

Migration to TFS 2010 (10h15)

1-Migration of VSS to TFS (20 min.)

2-Automating the Build (Something you can't do with VSS) ( 20 Min.)

3-User story (Real application context for this presentation) (20 min.)

11h15 Break

Manuel Tests by Dev ( 11h30)

4-Adding a tester to the team (Into to MTM) (20 min.)

5-Define tests (what is a white bug) (20 min.)

6-Fix the bug and show Intellitrace and Play back the test (20 min.)

13h00 Lunch Not included

Manuel testing for maintenance (14h00)

7-Identify bug with MTM and Branching for the production fix (20 min.)

8-Fix bug in production branch, Build script, Playback tests (20 min.)

9- Implementing in production, Merge the change in main branch (20 min.)

Manuel testing with the lab manager (15h00)

10-Implement new Feature (web service) (20 min.)

11-Intro to Lab manager and environment and change build script to deploy to lab (20 min.)

12- Testing with multitier with web service in lab environment. (20 min.)

16h00 Break

Automate UI test with CodeUI (16h15)

13-Reducing the effort of testing the UI (20 min.)

14-Repeting testing to make sure the application is working properly (20 min.)

15-Automate CodeUI with the Lab environment (20 min.)

16-View videos and reports plus conclusion (20 min.)

17h30 Conclusion

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Date: Saturday January 29, 2011
Location: Algonquin College 1385 Woodroffe Avenue,Ottawa, Ontario ,K2G 1V8
Room: T130 (Click here for a campus map) Note: Parking is free on Saturday.

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Comments (2)

  1. Kareem says:

    What msdn subscription would you need to utilize this information after the training?

  2. TFS is now part of all edition of Visual Studio with MSDN. The Test Manager and Lab Manager tools are part of the Ultimate edition only. You can find details here: http://www.microsoft.com/…/product-comparison

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