Essential Resources for Getting Started with Windows Azure

The following blog post was co-authored by
John Bristowe

Cory Fowler

Important! Check out the
Windows Azure Introductory Special
. It is the easiest way to get started
with Windows Azure. To make it even easier,
Barry Gervin
and Cory Fowler
have created some
step-by-step videos on how to register for Windows Azure
using the Introductory
Special. If you’re a [Premium, Ultimate, or
] MSDN Subscriber, you are eligible to participate in a
Windows Azure Benefits
which includes free consumption of Windows Azure

Essential Downloads

Folks in the Know


Blogs and Websites

Essential Reading



Essential Listening

Projects, Third Party Tools and Other Downloads

Essential Code/Scripts/Virtual Labs

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  1. Atley says:

    Amazing set of resources!  This is a great article for anyone who is using, or thinking of using Azure, to bookmark.  This will save me many hours of pouring over Bing search requests.  Thanks a lot guys!

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