Forewarning – A little Holiday Treat on TechNet

I’m still trying to keep it funny and light hearted for a Friday post. I found about about a special 7 day series of Blog posts happening on TechNet on the “Hey Scripting Guy” blog - it’s a little spin on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” called “A Powershell Carol”.   It’s going to run from December the 19th to December the 25th inclusive.

It’s a fun Holiday series about a Grumpy Network Administrator, called “Ebenezer Script”.  Our dear friend only likes working with vbScript and has become very bitter, mostly due to years of excessive and uncontrollable requests from users.  With the aid of some Scripting Spirits and a little song…… Well you’ll have to read it won’t you?

Even if you don’t scripting, it was written to be enjoyed by all types of people, IT Pros and Developers alike.

Now it appears the author may have been listening to the Holiday music a little too much as he has released a little tune called “Mr. Script”, a parody of “the Grinch Song” in honour of this little series.  If you recognize that silly off-key version and excessively “Energized” spirit?  It’s none other than Sean Kearney, Powershell MVP (and reformed Friday Funny Guy).

He hopes you’ll enjoy the tune and this special set of posts on “Hey Scripting Guy”

Happy Holidays everyone!

A Powershell Carol–December 19th to December 25th–

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