Silverlight Firestarter Tomorrow! (Thursday, December 2)

Silverlight Firestarter – the free online event covering all sorts of aspects of Silverlight development for all levels of programmers – takes place tomorrow! The keynote starts at 12:00 p.m. Eastern (9:00 a.m. Pacific) with Scott Guthrie talking about the future of Silverlight, followed by presentations by some of the bright lights of the Silverlight…


And Now, a Message from Frédéric Harper

Our newest developer evangelist, Frédéric Harper, won’t have access to the blog until his official start in January, so he asked me to post this for him. I was only too happy to oblige! Hi everybody, You’ll have to deal with a new Developer Evangelist: me! My name is Frederic Harper and I’m from Montreal….


Visual Basic on Windows Phone: From CTP to RTW to OMFG

VB for WP7 went RTW? OMFG! Back in September, I wrote about the release of the CTP (Community Technology Preview) of Visual Basic for Silverlight development on Windows Phone. As a CTP, it was early access to a work in progress, there was no “go-live” license (meaning any apps you wrote in VB couldn’t be…


Have You Been to MSDN Lately?

If you haven’t dropped by the MSDN site lately, you might not know that it’s been redesigned so that it’s easier to get started developing for Microsoft’s platforms. Near the top of the home page are giant links to the “Three Screens and the Cloud” – that is: Desktop development with Windows using WPF and…


AzureFest: Saturday, December 11 in Mississauga

AzureFest is an Azure activation community event put on by ObjectSharp featuring ObjectSharp’s Barry Gervin – a great company and a great guy who’ve been a tremendous help to us folks at Microsoft Canada – and it’s taking place on Saturday, December 11th at Microsoft Canada’s HQ in Mississauga (1950 Meadowvale Boulevard, just north of…


Welcome, Frédéric!

A little while back, we put out some job postings for a couple of developer evangelism positions that had opened up at Microsoft Canada. You might remember my post talking about our search for a developer evangelist based in or around Toronto, and as of this writing, we’re still interviewing people for the position. We…


Montreal Coffee and Code: Thursday, November 25th

Coffee and Code Montreal takes place tomorrow (Thursday, November 25th) at the Second Cup at 2020 University. It starts at run 11:00 a.m. and runs until about 5:00 p.m. Coffee and Code is a way for you to get in touch with us in an informal setting. Rather than work out of an office, at…


“Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7” Simulcast Tonight!

Tonight’s the night of the Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7 simulcast featuring super-smart super-talented developer Kate Gregory talking about how to build applications that make the most of Windows 7. Kate will be presenting two sessions: Session #1: A Lap Around the Windows API Code Pack The Windows API Code Pack for the .NET…


Yorkville Media Centre’s Windows Web Dev Sessions

Microsoft Canada is working with Yorkville Media Centre (YMC), a downtown Toronto learning facility where where you can learn the skills you need to work in digital media. Typically, YMC covers building websites with open source technologies like PHP, MySQL and WordPress, but this time, they’re doing so with a slight twist: they’ll still be…


We’re at the DIG Conference Thursday and Friday

I’m in London, Ontario with Academic Developer Evangelist Associate Will Hoang to attend, exhibit and speak on a discussion panel at the DIG – that’s Digital Interactive Gaming – conference, which takes place on Thursday, November 18th and Friday, November 19th. DIG is all about encouraging growth in the videogame industry by bringing together game…