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clip_image001Hi everyone,

It’s with some sadness, apprehension and happiness that I share that David Crow’s last day with Microsoft will be the 24th Sept 2010.  David joined in 2006 with a laser focus on how he was going to not only positively impact our company......he was clear that it was important to ignite developers, ISV’s and where his passion lies....start-ups across Canada.  David was a true entrepreneur and nothing seemed to be a roadblock to him, just another hill to climb.  While he was always David....just a little rough around the edges and wearing his heart on his sleeve, he let his passion free in all that he did.  He helped many within Microsoft understand the broad industry, shared his insights on how we could be better and help drive an inclusive culture across our group in which we were all proud of what we did and how we supported developers.


David was never resistant to bring up any idea or identify any areas where we really should be doing better or new ways to support the community.....sometimes it was just a little flamboyant, yet his intentions and outcomes were always positive!   I am sorry that he is leaving, as he brought so much to our company and our team on how to broadly think about the Canadian Local software economy as well as great ideas to reach past supporting .NET developers and look at the community as a whole.  He has shared his experience in an manner that has made us better and enabled us with a great insight and direction.  I feel confident to say he has left Microsoft and our group in a much better place then when he arrived.  He has introduced us to some great people across Canada and as an example brought Joey to the team. 

clip_image003I’m apprehensive as I know this is a great time for Microsoft and one in which David help us create.  We have our products, developer approach, community connection and programs in such a great place with our eyes open to what’s possible that it is ours to deliver on to better support developers, ISV’s and start-ups across Canada.  David as with many on our team has been a catalyst in developing broad programs to help developers grow their skills, expand their network and be successful in their career.  His focus was always Canada, enabling others and helping Microsoft build trust with the developer community so they were very satisfied.  When he is gone, I know that we have big shoes to fill yet I am happy that we’ve created a team to meet those challenges! 

I’m also happy and supportive that  David is on to the next step of his journey we call life.   David is an entrepreneur at heart and when he decides to be active in a company or community he always leaves it in a better spot then when he joined.  David leaves Microsoft in a great place, on to his next step to what’s next and behalf of my team, my company and me.....I wish him all the best!

To find out what’s next…….You can keep up with his journey and find out what’s next at www.davidcrow.ca.

David, thanks so much for all that you’ve done!


Comments (2)

  1. Cory Fowler says:

    This is very unfortunate news, but I wish David all the Best!

    I've only had the opportunity to interact with David a handful of times over the past few years, but his passion for the Community and more specifically Start-ups has always been in the forefront.

    I hope your Ambition, Passion and Entrepreneur spirit land you in a position that allows you to both live out your dreams, and continue to inspire a new Generation of Entrepreneurs.


    Cory Fowler

  2. Mark MacLeod says:

    David rocks! That is all.

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