Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp

Devvin' for Seven: Windows Phone 7 DevelopmentYou’ve seen the announcement and perhaps you’ve downloaded the beta of the Windows Phone 7 dev tools (if you haven’t, do it now!)

Click here to download WP7 Developer Tools Beta

Now that you’ve got the tools, what’s next? Will they just lie there, dormant on your hard drive, or are you going to use them and be a trailblazer on a brand new mobile platform?

Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp: Montreal (August 23 - 24), Vancouver (August 30 - 31), Ottawa (September 2 - 3), Toronto (September 7 - 8)

If you’re looking for intense training with personal attention by a highly-rated presenter with Silverlight and cloud development expertise, you’ll want to check out DevTeach’s Windows Phone 7 Bootcamps. They’re being presented by Colin Melia, who’s presented at TechDays, wrote the Silverlight demo app that we used for the EnergizeIT tour and is one of our go-to guys for Windows Azure – simply put, the guy knows his stuff.

BootThe Windows Phone 7 Bootcamps are serious courses – two full days of in-class hands-on training in which Colin will explain the Windows Phone 7 platform and especially Silverlight as it runs on Windows Phone, with all the details on Silverlight programming techniques, controls, templates, styling, resources, animation, data binding, navigation, interfaces and all those things you need to know about to build a mobile app. The course will mostly cover the Silverlight side of Windows Phone development, although there will be a section on game development with XNA.

If you’re a busy developer who’s having trouble setting aside time to learn all those separate bits that go into Windows Phone development – Silverlight, calling on web services, the Windows Phone-specific APIs, using information for sensors such as GPS and accelerometers and dealing with the constraints of mobile devices – this course is well worth the money. It’ll give you the kick start you start writing apps and capitalize on the wide-open marketplace of Windows Phone apps.

Windows Phone 7 "People" hubThe bootcamps take place in the following cities on the following dates:

  • Montreal: Monday, August 23 and Tuesday, August 24 at the Microsoft office
  • Vancouver: Monday, August 30 and Tuesday, August 31 at the Sutton Place Hotel
  • Ottawa: Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3 at the Microsoft office
  • Toronto: Tuesday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 8 at Microsoft’s downtown office

The registration fee is CDN$999 for the full-day training session, and you can save $100 by using the discount code WP7BOOTCAMP when you register. I repeat:

Save $100 with this code: WP7BOOTCAMP

For the full details on the Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp, see the Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp page.

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  1. Richard says:

    It's great to see more WP7 info coming out but I really wish the devices would get out on the market. Things in mobile move fast and it seems to me a mistake to whet peoples' appetites months and months (maybe a year?) before they can get their hands on a device. Apple doesn't seem to do things this way – yes there's usually a delay between announcement and availability but it's bearable. They've also established something of an innovation schedule and stick to it. All this leads to less of a sense of marketing hype and empty promises – they show something cool and not long after it's in your hands doing cool stuff for you.

    I write as a somewhat saddened (but very productive and impressed) recent convert to iPhone. I've had Windows phones since the early Orange SPVs in the UK but it's always been a bit of a struggle one way or another. My wife recently got an iPhone and the usability and "just works" aspects are a revelation. MS needs to really really put pedal to the metal, get these devices out (preferably at a loss-making, share-takingly low price) to have any chance of competing. If that doesn't happen soon, it won't matter how cool the OS and the developer tools are, this will just be another "could have been so cool if people only had reasons to adopt it" – think TabletPC (we all know who's done that properly now).

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