TWC9: IIS Express, SQL Compact, Silverlight Pivot Viewer, Zip Support in System.IO, .NET on a Bike and More!

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this week on channel 9

Once again, it’s time for another installment of This Week on Channel 9 (or TWC9 for short), Microsoft’s regular video webcast featuring Dan Fernandez and Brian Keller, who provide entertaining and informative coverage of the news of the week for the .NET developer community.

In this episode, Dan and Brian cover:

The episode also features Dan’s and Brian’s picks of the week:

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Comments (2)

  1. meni says:

    8:01 – "firebuggish"? You guys install Firefox and Firebug????

    How the mighty etc…..

    – open source fanboy here

  2. Joey deVilla says:

    meni: Yup, we do. I've got:

    • Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari running on my Windows machines
    • Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari running on my Mac
    • Chrome, Firefox, Konqueror and Opera running on my Linux box

    Remember, I came from the open source world!

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