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I got prodded by Steve Syfuhs– as to what ever happened to the Audio recordings my team created during NerdsOnATrain / Make Web Not War event.

In case you missed it – Make Web Not War is an event that Microsoft put on last week in partnership with the PHP community, partners and individuals in Montreal as part of MonDev – an open source week of events. Part of the activities associated with Make Web Not War was a special return trip train ride from Toronto to Montreal that was dubbed #NerdsOnATrain. Anyone in Toronto who wanted to attend the conference in Montreal was welcome to hitch a ride on the train in a sponsored car with lots of fun stuff happening.

0815.clip_image004_60ECA3B7Since I was presenting a session at Make Web Not War – and I happen to like podcasting - I was asked to host some informal chats / introductions in a podcasting area at the back of the train – so I set up shop, turned on a microphone and Audacity and chatted people up on their thoughts on why they were going to Make Web Not War and what they were looking forward to.

Here are some of the audio excerpts that came out of the experiment.


Thanks go out to the folks who took some time out of the trip to come back and chat.

  • Angie Lim
  • Barnaby Jeans
  • Cory Fowler
  • Steve Syfuhs
  • Garrett Serack
  • Jack Myers
  • Jeremy Foran
  • Jenna Hoffman
  • Lee Dale
  • Chris Luckhardt


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Comments (2)

  1. Colin says:

    If you do a post like this, you have to tell us all about your equipment 🙂

  2. Hey Colin – no problem… Glad to tell you what's in use for recording.

    Microphones used were my Audio Technica AT 2020 Cardioid Condenser studio microphones on some simple desktop stands with isolation mounts.  I used two of them – one for me and one for the guests.

    Soundboard /mixer is an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB mixer – great portable USB enabled device that gives me 8 channels mixed down to a stereo digital feed into my laptop.

    Recording software was Audacity 1.3 beta. I recorded each interview individually and spliced it from a stereo track (I was left, guest was right) down to multiple mono tracks for better control on levels.

    Joey deVilla provided the music on his accordion.

    I was actually quite surprised with the results being that we were on a moving train going 150 KM/hr. Those isolation mounts work great with the sensitive microphones.


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