“Developer Junior” on Webnation

Joey deVilla and "Junior" from "Developer Junior" on Webnation

Last night, “Junior” and I went on Amber MacArthur’s show, Webnation, to talk about our show, Developer Junior. You can watch the clip by visiting Webnation’s site and clicking on the “Webnation May 06 – PT 3” link.

[This article also appears in Global Nerdy.]

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  1. Sean Kearney says:


    Excellent job on the interview.  Love the fact that Microsoft has remembered that computing was fun kids to create once (Everyone seems to have forgotten that we used to sit in front of TV sets making games)

    Glad Microsoft hasn’t.

    Junior, gee you seem a little "ENERGIZED".  Did you take him to Energize IT?  It seems to have rubbed off on him.  🙂

    Junior, remember coding is fun.  Just errr…. Careful on the coffee, speaking on personal experience 😉


    Tell Junior

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