Flying to Kelowna

The view from my seat on the flight to VancouverThe view from my seat.

Today’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind, starting with a flight to Kelowna by way of Vancouver, with Damir and me doing an EnergizeIT presentation tonight running from 9:00 p.m. to midnight, at least as far as our “body clocks” are concerned. Break out the Jolt Cola!

Here’s Damir getting a little work done while we were hanging out in the Air Canada lounge at Vancouver airport, waiting for our connecting flight to Kelowna:

Damir Bersinic working on his laptop in an easy chair in Vancouver airport's Air Canada lounge

I’ve already been asked “Did you bring the accordion?” Of course I did. One of the reasons I picked a little Silvetta accordion is that it fits in the overhead bin of just about every plane:

Joey deVilla's red Silvetta accordion in the overhead bin above his airplane seat

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  1. Jeff Lewis says:

    Strange trivia: in the TV show Stargate SG1, when Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) temporarily left the show, the brought in a new actor who plays an alien from the planet "Kelowna", which was indeed named after the city you visited.

    Stargate is filmed in Vancouver and we have so many oddly named towns that they often end up being used as names for alien worlds and races. 🙂

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