Get Ready for the DevTeach Community Tour on SharePoint 2010!


It's time to share some good news! Working with our friends at DevTeach, we are helping to organize the DevTeach Community Tour on SharePoint 2010.


Come join Rob Windsor, Shereen Qumsieh, Wesley MacDonald, and Jason Kaczor for an action-packed session on SharePoint 2010! With stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, this session will show you how to increase your skills and improve productivity by leveraging the new features of SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 allows you to build web sites, manage lists of data, collaborate on documents, and so much more - all done through a simple, easy to use, web interface. When you need to go beyond the native capabilities of the product, SharePoint 2010 provides the APIs and Visual Studio 2010 provides the tools that allow you to quickly and easily add customizations. Whether you're new to SharePoint development or a seasoned veteran, this session is for you.

During this complimentary session, you will learn from SharePoint experts how to leverage SharePoint 2010 for your web infrastructure and how to build applications for the SharePoint environment whether you are a web developer or SharePoint veteran. We will start with material targeted at those new to SharePoint development, covering key foundational topics (like Features and the Solutions Framework) that are vital to understanding how customizations are componentized and packaged. You will also learn about the new tools in Visual Studio 2010 that make SharePoint development easier than ever before. We'll see how the new templates, wizards and designers improve productivity by automatically managing project structure and manifest files for you. We'll demonstrate how you can use visual designers to speed-up the process of building Web parts. You will also learn how the new client object models and REST services enable you to make the use of SharePoint functionality from client applications across the enterprise. Finally, you will learn how to debug that SharePoint applications using the same "F5 deployment" and debugging experience enjoyed by .NET developers for years.


Registration is free but you'll have to hurry because we anticipate seats to fill up quickly. Make sure to register today!

Comments (2)

  1. hmertens says:

    registration dates for the User Group session shows 21st on the launch page, but has 19th on the registration page.

  2. Joey deVilla says:

    Let me look into that and see which date is the correct one. Thanks for the heads-up!

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