Road Trip Diary, Part 4: More Big Apple

Some more photos from the Big Apple! Here’s their pie menu:

08 pie menu

The Big Apple is an apple-shaped three-storey building with an observation deck on the roof. Here’s a shot of Damir beside the Big Apple:

10 damir big apple 1

Here’s a close-up:

11 damir big apple 2

Inside the building is an apple museum. We were all rarin’ to go inside and take photos of the various displays inside the museum, but…

12 closed

Closed! Look at the disappointment on Damir’s face:

13 damir disappointed

I was even more disappointed (look at my sad mug below). “Ain’t that just like an apple,” I said, “tantalizing promises, but you get denied the moment you get close. Now I know how iPhone developers feel.” (Remember, folks – I kid because I care.)

14 joey disappointed

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Comments (2)

  1. Sean Kearney says:

    I guess Damir MUST have had his "Wheaties" today to stop that Big Apple from rolling down the hill!   Damir!  You saved the Day! Woooooo!

  2. stasia says:

    my dad used to take me to the big apple every trip back to school!  sigh.

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