PDC 09 – Day 2 recap

Here we are with Day 2 at PDC 09. Keynote duties were handled by Steven Sinofsky, Scott Gutrie and Kirk DelBene.

The list of announcements was fantastic again. Steven kicked it off with an overview of the Windows 7 developement and some of the telemetry used. Do you realized that 46,447,784 Aero snap and shake happened during the beta? He also showed some User testing videos which were really funny. He then gave a bit of an overview on IE 9 development and some of the improvements they’re making including Direct 2D graphic acceleration. He closed up with the most amazing announcements. Every paying attendees got a free Touch tablet notebook from Acer. Here’re some photos and the line up to pick them up.

Photos 005

Photos 006

Photos 004

Scott Guthrie than took the stage and made a really big announcement as well. He started by listing the features of Silverlight 4 and then shocked everyone by telling them that the Beta was available the same day. Here’re some of the new features:

  • Media support of microphone and camera.
  • Business – Printing, rich text, clipboard, Right click and mouse wheel
  • Implicit styles, drag and drop, Bidi&RTL, HTML hosting
  • Complete out of browser experience in SL4 with Elevated Trust mode

Kirk DelBene then closed the keynote by talking about Office 2010 and Sharepoint 2010 and announced the immediate availability of the Beta.

I then attended some of the session in the day. The first one was an overview of Windows Identity Foundation. It RTM’d yesterday. It is a claims based system integrated with .NET identity API. It is config driven and usese the same programming model on premise or in the cloud.

I attended Joe Stegman session on the Out of Browser enhancements in SL 4

  • Out of browser WebBrowser control included in SL4
    • Works only out of browser
    • Browser control does not support Opacity, Rotation, Effects, overlay content
  • HTML Brush overcomes the above limitation

I then closed the day on a session about Securing REST services in Azure Access Control Service (ACS)

  • Based on OAuth WRAP (Web Resource Authorization Protocol). A protocol developed with the community like Google and Yahoo.
  • Very simple and cool. Implemented all in Azure.

Again you can follow the action on Channel 9 which is broadcasting live from the show floor. And all the session content will be available there as well.

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