Joel Semeniuk on Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server

In this episode of Developer Night in Canada (DNIC), John Bristowe (@jbristowe) and Joey deVilla (@AccordionGuy) chat with Joel Semeniuk (@joel_semeniuk) about a number of topics including Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

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About Joel Semeniuk

Joel Semeniuk is a founder of Imaginet Resources Corp; a Canadian based Microsoft Gold Partner. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director and has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba. Joel has spent the last twelve years providing educational, development, and infrastructure consulting services to customers throughout North America. Joel specializes in helping organizations realize their potential through maturing their software development and information technology practices. He employs a customized and incremental approach, promoting the ability to quickly adopt and tailor processes and technologies that best suit the needs of the organization. Backed by industry best practices and his experience, Joel works with organizations to ensure that their technology supports the vision of their business and is adaptable to the ever-changing marketplace, to accomplish this responsiveness without sacrificing quality, and to realize earlier and greater returns on their technology investment. For Joel and his customers, the ultimate goal is to achieve superior business agility.

About Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) 

Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) is a podcast produced by John Bristowe (@jbristowe) and Joey deVilla (@AccordionGuy) of Microsoft Canada. Its focus is to provide insight and analysis from some of the developers and experts in Canada. The RSS feed for Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) is available here. Alternatively, you can subscribe through Apple's iTunes here.

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