Ottawa IT Community Meetup Tonight!

Ottawa IT Community.caTech meetups are good for you! Trust me on this one. I’ve seen people make new friends and business contacts, start new projects, decide to learn something new and get funding for their companies, all thanks to a chance encounter at gatherings of technically-minded people, whether they were BarCamps, CaseCamps, DemoCamps, FailCamps, user group meetings, workshops or “hackerspaces” like HacklabTO. It’s still important to have the technical knowledge and chops, but as many of us have discovered, who you know is often as important as what you know.

The Ottawa IT Community knows that tech meetups are good for you, so they’ve started to put together Meetup social events, and there’s one tonight. If you’ve got some free time after work, you can catch it at Lone Star, which is being billed as a “discussion over dinner”. They describe it as “an opportunity to meet with fellow developers and administrators in a relaxed setting while participating in friendly discussion around general and newsworthy topics.”

They’re planning more meetups for the fall. If you’d like to catch tonight’s meetup, RSVP at the meetup’s event page.

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