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TechDays2009-MapleLeaf Last week, in a special edition of the MSDN Flash, I wrote about how you can get Windows 7 before the General Availability date by registering for TechDays 2009 before August 19th.  If you do so, or have already registered, we will activate your TechNet Plus Direct subscription within a couple of weeks.  This means that you will not only be registered to attend Microsoft Canada’s premier series of technical readiness events in one of 7 cities across Canada, but you will also get Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 before the General Availability date of October 22 so you can start working and becoming familiar with them early.

Since the Flash was sent out, I received a number of emails regarding what is included in the TechNet Plus Direct subscription and how you will access Windows 7 and the other software.  The TechNet Plus Direct Subscription is an online one where you get access to all of the bits through the TechNet Subscriber Downloads site.   You can find out more information on TechNet Plus subscriptions here.  The list of products included in the TechNet Plus Direct subscription can be found by going to  Even though Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 might not be listed, rest assured that RTM versions of both are available for download right now.

In terms of how you will access the TechNet Plus Direct content, you will receive an email from the TechNet Plus Direct team within 10 business days of August 19th with your subscriber ID and information how to activate your subscription online with your Windows LiveID.  Once you have completed the activation process, you will have access to all of the TechNet Plus Direct content for a year.  You can then download the ISO file for Windows 7, get your product key from the Subscriber Downloads site, burn your DVD media, and then use it to install Windows 7 on your computer.

Remember, the only way to get your TechNet Plus Direct subscription activated early is by registering for TechDays before August 19thIf you register after August 19th, we will activate your subscription only after you have attended TechDays 2009.  Register for TechDays 2009 Now and get Windows 7. 


Comments (3)

  1. Roger Yvon Roy says:

    ca fait 2 mois que j’essais de télécharger sans réussir

  2. Mike says:

    Were all the TechNet Subscriptions Activation emails send out (for those who registered before Aug 19th)… I have not received mine ;(

  3. @Mike: The emails should have been sent out earlier last week. Please email me ( if that’s not the case.

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