Is Your Application Ready for Windows 7?

For the past few weeks, our team has been on the road across Canada talking to developers - among many things - about Windows 7 as part of EnergizeIT. The feedback we've received has been outstanding; there's a lot of interest around Windows 7 and the capabilities that it brings to the table. We've also been asked a number of questions about application compatibility. There's been a great deal of work that's been done to ensure that your applications will continue to run well on Windows 7 through features like Compatibility Mode. Also, there's the Microsoft Application Compatibilty Toolkit, which helps ensure that your legacy applications run well on platforms like Windows Vista and Windows 7.

In an effort to support our Canadian ISVs and to ensure that their applications are ready for Windows 7, we'll be running a series of labs in Mississauga later this month that are focused on application compatibility. Jamie Wakeam (Software Architect Advisor, Microsoft Canada) has written a post on the Canadian ISV blog that provides more information about this series of labs.

If you're a Canadian ISV in the GTA looking for more information about Windows 7, I highly recommend that you check out this series of labs, running April 27 to May 1.

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  1. SophieTidman says:

    I was very interested to read about your EngergizeIT roadshow and your investigation into application compatibility on Windows 7.

    Here at ChangeBASE, we have an Application Compatibility Lab through which our initial tests have shown that 8% of applications will be affected by the additional restrictions imposed by Windows 7 based on the current beta release and published documentation. Some of these are remediable and some will cause applications to fail. The advice to organisations that are planning to skip Vista and migrate directly to Windows 7 has to be “you will still have to overcome all the VISTA compatibility obstacles, so start your compatibility testing and remediation program early.

    We would also welcome to hear about your application compatibility experiences with Windows 7. We have published a Windows 7 Whitepaper, which is freely available to download from our website.

    All the best,

    Sophie Tidman

  2. Jack says:

    After Vista is released, there are lots of changes in our product, and now Windows 7 is coming. Although this means lots of hard work, but I think it worth! Lots of challenges!

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