Windows Mobile Incubation Week: April 13 – 17

incubation-weekThis week is Windows Mobile Incubation Week, a “jam session” taking place at The Empire’s Silicon Valley branch, where startups are invited to learn about Windows Mobile from Microsoft’s gurus and pick up some tricks from mobile industry gurus and venture capitalists. They’re also challenged to build Windows Mobile apps during the week, with prizes being awarded to winning participants. Admission to Mobile Incubation Week is free-as-in-beer; all you have to do is scrounge up the cash to cover your trip to the Valley and find a couch to crash on at night.

In honour of the week, I’m posting a series of articles on my personal tech blog, Global Nerdy, covering mobile development (with a special emphasis on Windows Mobile development). My first article is titled A Brief Tour of Mobile App Development and covers the current mobile app scene. It’s a long one, but I promise it’s a fun read!

Among the things included in the article is this video showing some of the more subtle interface improvements in the move from Windows Mobile 6.1 to 6.5:

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