Ignite IT Awards

clip_image002There has been some confusion around the submission process for the Ignite IT Awards. In the submission form you’ll see that one of the field is “Project title”. Because of that many people are not submitting en entry for themselves or their team because either they are between projects or the one they are working on is not finished.

Let me explain in my own term what we are looking for. We are looking for the best of the best in the different categories. That means that you can enter what you think defines you or your team in the project title field. (Think of it as just a title for your submission).

Here’s a concrete example. I want a small Montreal based company to submit their name because they have been spending a lot of time ramping up on Silverlight and also training others. To me that, is great leadership. The title of their submission (Project Title) could be something like “Silverlight leadership and prepardness” or “Leading the Silverlight wave in Québec”.

As you can see, it is very simple. We do want to hear your story and recognize you or your team for what you do, not just the single projects.

Thanks. If you have questions you can email me.


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  1. Have you worked on a project recently that you are proud of? Whether it’s a mobile application, a rich

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