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it’s been a great day and I’m really excited…if you can’t already tell by my twitter stream….I’ve been playing with Win7.  It’s been a while since I’ve played this much with a beta OS and it’s been more then worth it so far.  My dell 1330 and Toshiba M7 install have been without problems.   There still isn’t windows upgrade so I did have to go get some drivers but other then that each install went really well.   If you are testing out Win7 please share your experience.  If you are on twitter use the hash tag #cdnwin7 and we can all learn together.

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John Oxley
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  1. naren178 says:

    Hello Can U give me  windows 7 downloading url.


  2. joxley says:

    Windows 7 beta public download link 🙂 Only the x86 ISO though, no key, but no key needed for 30 days! #cdnwin7

  3. Andre says:

    Why microsoft still bother to create 32bit versions? Everything should be 64bit. Hello, we are in 2009! Also, why to announce that something would be available if you can’t make it?

  4. joxley says:

    @ Andre.  Thanks for you comment and you can get 64 and 32 bit versions.  We are sorry for the delay in getting it to everyone and you can go to to download your copy.  

  5. Joel De Leon says:

    I’ve started to use Windows 7 Beta (x64) as my SharePoint Development. It works fast and so far I haven’t encountered any problem installing and configuring the application that I need to do my SharePointing stuff 😉



  6. joxley says:

    @joel  Great site and you are really passionate about sharepoint. Great skills to have and I bet you’re pretty busy. Great to hear your experience and thanks for sharing!  

  7. Ryan Groom says:

    I have posted my experience with installing Windows 7 32-bit on a Dell XPS Gen1 Laptop. Bottom Line: I replace XP on this machine with Windows 7 and I like it.

    Read the Post:



  8. Jenn says:

    Do not have twitter, but I installed windows 7. It looks and performs great so far. No issues, and this is surprising considering its on a virtual machine.

    Machine: Toshiba satellite A200-ah7. 2gb ram, vista os (host)

    Virtual Machine: Virtual box 2.1 (1gb ram), 20(ish)gb of space.

  9. joxley says:

    @jenn and Ryan.  thanks for sharing your experience and Jenn I like the virtual machine approach.  I’m really suprised with the performance and I love the jump lists.  Ryan, it really wonderful the effort you do to make this earth a better place.  I had a look at and it looks pretty interesting.  If you don’t mind I’d love to do a post that links back to your post "" or if you want how about writing up a guest post for cdndevs?  I’m more then happy to post up something from you that highlights this work!

    thanks again,


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