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I admit it: I’m addicted to podcasts. Why? Because they allow me to multitask. For example, I can take Hugo (my dog) for a long walk while listening to some of my favourite podcasts on software development. It’s the best of both worlds; I get to exercise my brain and my body at the same time.

If you’re an on-the-go developer looking for a better way to maximize your time, I would recommend listening to a podcast (or two) while walking the dog, working out, or doing anything else that’s physical in nature. Here’s a list of some of my favourite podcasts:

And what’s the best software for podcasts? That’s easy; the Zune software client. Recently, I dropped the iPod along with iTunes and opted for the Zune. It’s a much better solution and works seamlessly on my Dell Latitude E4300 running Windows 7.

Got a favourite podcast that you’d like to share? Please let me know! Submit a comment and I’ll add it to my list of subscriptions.

John Bristowe John Bristowe
Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Canada

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  1. Steve Syfuhs says:

    An excellent list of podcasts.  I listen to three of them regularly.

    From a non-Microsofty, the Zune (software) is actually a pretty sweet media player.  In this day and age, when software can manage to look good and work well, why not go for both?  Compared to other media players, the zune works great.  Management of songs and podcasts is very easy, and it’s a very pretty interface.  It actually makes you wonder if Microsoft made it 😉 (I’ll deny making that comment if anyone asks).  Price doesn’t look too bad either.  With that being said, my iPod hasn’t died yet, so I haven’t picked up a Zune.  But I use the software as my main media player.  I suspect within the next few weeks my iPod will "die" though.

  2. Jeremy Wiebe says:

    I enjoy Software Engineering Radio.  It’s not specifically .NET related, but it is often very interesting.  (

  3. Mike Moore says:

    Thanks for the Alt.NET Podcast mention. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them!

  4. Andrew Tearle says:

    A worthy addition to your list might be the PowerScripting Podcast from Jon Walz and Hal Rottenberg – with UStream participation from the audience…/powerscripting-podcast.


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