Canucks at PDC – You’ve Been Phil Haack(ed)

Not only is Phil Haack a bright guy, he also has the coolest name of a developer we know. He's also the giant brain behind the ASP.NET MVC project. Joey deVilla spent a few minutes to chat with Phil about this cool technology for ASP.NET developers:

Download(s): WMV

Make sure to check out the ASP.NET MVC session at Microsoft Tech•Days Canada 2008 to learn more!

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  1. Jason Prado says:

    Your SL player isn’t working in Mac/FF3 or Win/FF3|IE7. Is it targeting SL2 Beta 2?

  2. The videos are streamed from Silverlight Streaming ( which supports Silverlight 2.0 RTM (aka Silverlight 2 RTW (2.0.31005.0). To confirm, I checked my machine’s Silverlight configuration and (indeed) it’s running v2.0.31005.0.

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