TechDays Social Networking – Show Your Colours!

I am taking a couple of minutes of rest to have an diet coke in-between sessions here in Toronto. Man - if I had a pedometer, I'd swear that I had walked a couple of kilometres so far today.


I acted as host for our lunch time session and reinforced the opportunity people had to make connections with other TechDays guests who had self identified themselves with the track colours. It's something new we are trying to help facilitate some of these networking opportunities. It's self identification by attaching a matching track colour ribbon to your conference badge.


Look for other like minded individuals in the halls by matching the colours and you are set to have a common ground of interest. At Lunch time - we even had "recommended seating areas" based on colour, to increase your odds of connecting even more. A couple of members of our team decided to take this to another level and organize a "Women in IT" roundtable.


When you come out to TechDays - seize the opportunity to connect up with others and makes some new connections to strengthen your network. We'll have the colour tags at the front of every room and will be continuing this trend across all the cities.



Rick Claus

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